Land Wanted

We are seeking to aquire land in the West and North Yorkshire areas

Do you have land available to sell?

Due to our continued success, Metric Construction are actively seeking land for development.

Please contact us if you have land for sale.

Acquiring land is a fundamental skill of Metric Construction. The company has a dedicated team who source land for both immediate and long term development potential.

We are able to draw on expertise and local knowledge to negotiate with local planning authorities and ensure the most effective use of land is achieved, whilst providing the best products for our customers and the optimum value for the landowner.

Having extensive experience in various development techniques we are able to consider all kinds of development opportunities.

Approximately 70% of Metric Constructions new projects are on greenfield (previously undeveloped) sites, and the company’s commitment to such sites is in keeping with Central Governments aspirations.

This presents an increasingly important opportunity for landowners to generate value from derelict land and under-utilised assets.

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Whatever the land opportunity, be it greenfield or brownfield, Metric Construction has the skills to promote opportunities and to deliver a successful outcome for all concerned, aiming to enable landowners to realise their assets at an early stage.

Building quality environments which enhance local communities has the effect of adding value at every stage of the development process. It is this approach that underlines our commitment to improving the places in which our clients and their neighbors live.

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